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Creating a harmonious and inspirational workplace

It is a well-established fact that when employees experience work-life balance and harmony, they tend to be motivated and more productive in their work. In a world that focuses on immediate pleasure and results, we want to stop the clock for a few minutes while we pause to look at the quality of these incredibly important spaces in our lives: our workspace and how to achieve harmony.

As a business settled within the recruitment sector for the past 3 decades, we understand the pressures of the workplace. But we also understand the importance of placing the right person in the right position. We know that we can expect improved retention rates and increased employee productivity that defines that ‘sweet spot’ for all parties and we’ve learnt to look out for some characteristics that indicate to us, your recruitment partner, that you will settle into a well-suited, harmonious relationship with our client.

Here are some to keep in mind when you’re applying for positions.

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1. You’re clear and we’re clear

It’s all about practising supportive communication and listening to what is being said. Most of us fall into one of two camps: a good listener or a good talker. The extrovert versus the introvert. But we all need to hone our listening skills in the workplace. Here are some questions for you to ponder:

  • Are you communicating what you clearly need in terms of finding a suitable position? (Think salary, work hours, commitments.) Be clear from the outset on what you’re really looking for.
  • Are you listening to what we are saying in terms of what our expectations are? Did the job description mention tight deadlines that might require overtime? Will your needs be well suited to this environment if you have a toddler?
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2. We’re all a team player

Most employees also fall into one of two categories: those who work well in a team (yay, team players!) and those who are more productive working on their own. Either way, it is critical to establish excellent relationships with colleagues and will turn your ordinary workplace into a harmonious and outstanding one. And it takes effort. Are you willing to make that effort?

Here are some traits that we look out for in the interview process:

  • Say thank you

Taking the time to thank people for their hard work is powerful in creating harmony. Saying thank you for the big and little things is also equally important, say thank you when they make you coffee or hold the door open. Offer a genuine thank you for something every day.

  • Avoid gossip

Gossip can destroy office harmony overnight. Even that little comment made in jest can build distrust and people begin to wonder if they are also being gossiped about. Establish a ‘no-gossip policy’. Your silence will go a long way in establishing you as a credible individual.

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3. Investing in culture

Culture is such a hot topic because even more people come from different backgrounds and experiences than ever before. If we want a harmonious work environment, we have to allow for the fact that everyone has their own way of understanding and viewing things. Building a harmonious relationship at work takes effort and it is important to understand the company culture before you sign that lucrative contract. Are they a social company? Are they doing courses and continual professional development? These all create bonds within the workforce that go deeper and create for easier relationships in the office. Be willing to invest yourself fully into being a part of the company culture

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