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Companies need business partners that can support them and provide flexibility to their recruiting teams, strategies and change management.

Local and Global Online Recruitment Projects

Recruitment marketing has experienced tremendous change over the past year. With 70% of companies increasing their investment, due to candidate market shifts in the online recruitment space.

Companies need business partners that can support them and provide flexibility to their recruiting teams, strategies and change management.

KPR are ready to assist you in creating business success through innovative recruitment advertising that will make your brand stand out and attract; interested, targeted, potential candidates.

KPR creates and designs an aesthetic online, digitalised and highly effective recruitment campaign drive to attract suitable candidates online.

How it Works?

We have experience working with blue-chip organisations in South Africa and globally. From building and assimilating career portals for recruitment marketing and employer branding, using real-time online campaigning, using these digitally created assets as digital recruitment marketing vehicles.

KPR additionally have the ability to build and develop career apps for IOS & Android users suitable and tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements. Digital recruitment, sometimes called social recruitment or online recruitment, occurs when hiring managers and human resources professionals use technology as a tool to attract and hire the best talent for available job listings.

Businesses today have a heavy and necessary reliance on the web and its total use of technological tools to compete in most industries of any business landscape. Digitalization is imperative especially in the recruitment sector which has experienced such a massive turnaround of adjusting to “new norms” since pre-Covid days.

What is Recruitment Advertising?

Recruitment advertising is the marketing process of capturing candidates’ interest in your company via advertisements, for the purpose of developing a talent pipeline.

KPR’s Recruitment Advertising services allow you to expose and create high visibility of current vacancies to your target markets thus attracting the best candidates in South Africa and Abroad.

Today, the focus of recruitment has shifted from ‘finding candidates,’ towards ‘being found.’ This shift has triggered a fundamental change in the way that recruiters and talent acquisition teams advertise their open jobs and graduate career drives. For job seekers, employment trends and emerging technology have fundamentally changed the way that they find, and think about, work.

Recruitment Advertising is the use of online communication and creative visuals used to attract applicants / potential candidates. This type of outreach is usually a company’s first impression made to its candidate target audience and needs to precisely articulate the goals and values of the company, portray a positive and welcoming image, and generate interest in the available vacancies, and more broadly the company.

Together with our clients, we utilise a conventional mix to administrate initial enquiries of potential applicants and to track the whole recruitment campaign process.

With Mass Response Handling as an add-on option, available to our clients for convenient digital recruitment solutions that are cutting-edge and highly effective.

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