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Our Services

KPR, in conjunction with Professional Certified Coach Alf Pain, offers a range of leadership development coaching programmes.

Our Services

KPR, in conjunction with Professional Certified Coach Alf Pain, offers a range of leadership development coaching programmes.

Leadership Development

Leading in an increasing uncertain environment and with divergent employees in constantly evolving teams requires a high level of self-awareness, confidence and skill in managing expectations. 

KPR offers Leadership Development Coaching Programmes to businesses to assist with the leadership growth of their employees.

Why do we need Leadership Development Programmes Now?

Emotional Learning & Future Fit Leadership Development Training

We provide coaching and training in the following;

Course Purpose:

Our facilitators have more than 30 years’ experience and knowledge of both people and organizational development to ensure continuous growth of key personnel.

The outcomes for the programme are to:

Course Information

Upcoming Coaching Programme Dates


Sessions are in the mornings and begin at 08:30 and end at 12:30. Our scrumptious breakfast and registration commences at 07:00 / 07:30.

To book your space please contact Lindy at

Coaching Approaches

Leadership development coaching can be offered in numerous ways including individual one-on-one, relationship and systemic team interventions, a brief overview of which is provided below.

Individual Coaching

This coaching model is about learning new ways of observing the self, others and the world. Learning to be a new observer of our use of language, our moods and emotions and our posture and breathing, creates new possibilities to shift our way of being to become more resilient, resourceful and creative. Alf, skilfully supports his clients (individuals and employers) to clarify their objectives and to work consciously and intentionally towards achieving them.

Systemic Team Coaching

With an avid interest in diversity in the workplace and the challenges this can present, Getti Mercorio provides and offers team coaching for groups of varying sizes. Informed by systems theory and the Enneagram personality-typing system, team coaching is a highly effective approach with many positive outcomes, which result in improved cohesion, focus and productivity. Key benefits include improved communication, decreased conflict, positive attitudes and easier alignment of individual, group and organisational goals.

Relationship Coaching

We work with business and professional partners to articulate individual and shared values, future vision and goals and to enhance relationships. We assist partners to understand each other more explicitly and to become more conscious of the different roles they could fulfil to optimise the relationship, the business and its outputs. Alf Pain is a certified Ontological Leadership Coach. Our programme supports clients to attain achievements in job performance, team participation, personal mastery, interpersonal effectiveness, and overall quality of life.

Alf Pain

Alf Pain is KPR’s Managing Director and Certified Ontological Leadership Coach.

Unlock your full potential with Alf. Using training and coaching as a tool to enable people to release their hidden capabilities, increase their self-awareness and become effective members of the workforce.

View our Leadership Development Coaching Brochure Today!

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