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How To Polish Your Personal Brand

1. Show Up

Social media offers you the opportunity to share an online portfolio or CV and enables employers to glimpse into your personality outside of your cover letter. Polishing your online presence and being strategic with what you post on social media can help you to find your dream job.

You might also think that you’re safe by not using social media, but this might give employers the impression that you’re not technology savvy. By having a polished profile that communicates your personal style you will create the impression that you are the ultimate professional in your business and your private life.

2. Clean up your digital dirt

Clean up your digital dirt. As a rule, you can assume that employers will look at your social media before inviting you in for an interview. Scroll and scrub your social media profiles and pages, removing any posts you would not want a future employer to see. On Facebook check all your tagged posts and photographs and ensure they are appropriate and professional. If you can’t remove a tag, either request to have it deleted by the owner or prepare a response should a potential employer ask about it in an interview.

3. Be Active

Be active on the platforms you’ve committed to by posting comments, updates, and articles. This demonstrates that you’re present and engaged with the leaders in your field. Making sure that your comments are articulate, well thought out, considerate and grammatically correct, can also help to establish you as a thought leader.

4. Share

If you want to be found by recruiters, then you also need to put the message out there that you are actively job seeking! Help potential employers like us to know you’re seeking employment. At the same time, don’t forget that using social networks to find a job is the aim of the game and you don’t want to appear desperate for any available job. Curate your posts carefully and be proactive by using LinkedIn’s option to let recruiters know that you are “open to work”. Don’t forget to also reach out to us.

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