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9 Criteria for Choosing a 3D CAD System (by L. Stephen Wolfe, P.E.)
Date Added: 14 March 2016  
Click Here to Download PDF   SUMMARY In the discrete manufacturing industries, between one-third and one-half of the CAD systems in use today are 3D. The rest are used for 2D computer-aided drafting1. Although some tasks will always be done more efficiently with 2D CAD, these figures suggest many organizations have yet to employ 3D methods. The good news for potential second-half adopters is that they can benefit from the wisdom and experience of engineers who’ve been using 3D methods for 10 or 20 years. The following is a compilation of 9 criteria that users of 2D CAD should co...Click here to read more.
The Basics of Managing CAD
Date Added: 03 October 2014  
Article By: Jim BrownUrl: http://tech-clarity.com/cad-management Tech-Clarity Insight The Basics of Managing CAD – When Brute Force Fails and PDM is too Much explains the need to manage CAD files and the current options available to manufacturers. The report analyzes the positives and negatives of manually managed approaches, implementing PDM/PLM, and utilizing cloud-based file management services. The research then reviews the basic necessities of CAD management – controlling, accessing, and sharing files – in order to uncover what a “just the basics” solution r...Click here to read more.
South Africa: Long Awaited Amendments To The Labour Relations Act (LRA) Published
Date Added: 25 September 2014  
Article by: Stuart Harrison, Ross Alcock and Brian Patterson Click here to view original article The long awaited amendments to the LRA were finally published on Monday 18 August 2014. The date on which the amendments will come into operation is still to be fixed by the President, but the amendments are at least now in final form. Once operative, the amendments will have far reaching consequences in a number of areas of labour relations, perhaps most prominently in relation to the regulation of forms of atypical employment, particularly the use of labour brokers, fixed term and part-time em...Click here to read more.
Date Added: 25 June 2014  
We wish to notify you of some exciting changes that are being implemented, whereby we are rebranding the Company as KPR. Accordingly, Keystone Project Recruitment (Pty) Ltd and Chaplyn Consultants will cease to trade under these names. We are expanding our business services to include Permanent Placements, Logistics, High Level Construction Personnel and Payroll Administration. We shall be scheduling appointments with you to communicate our new brand and additional services. Although Keystone Project Recruitment (Pty) Ltd and Chaplyn Consultants will both trade as KPR in the future, the lega...Click here to read more.
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